Co-ordinating committee

Co-ordinating committee

The Co-ordinating Committee was established in terms of Article 23 of the Internal Audit and Financial Investigations Act in order to ‘co-ordinate the activities of, and to facilitate the exchange of information between, different entities charged with the protection and safeguarding of public funds’. The latter also include funds that Malta is required to manage under its international obligations.

The Co-ordinating Committee meets multilaterally on a regular basis, with the aim to increase the local co-operation between the agencies involved in the area of anti-fraud and anti-corruption. The Co-ordinating Committee also established sub-committees, comprised of representatives of the Committee members, to strengthen and facilitate national collaboration in order to ensure the effective implementation of the 2021 NAFCS action plan.

The present structure of the Co-ordinating Committee is as follows:

  • Director General IAID as Chairperson;
  • Representative of the Financial Investigations Directorate within IAID;
  • Representative of the Office of the Attorney General;
  • Representative of the Office of the State Advocate;
  • Representative of the National Audit Office;
  • Representative of the Malta Police Force;
  • Representative of the Customs Department;
  • Representative of the Funds and Programmes Division (EU Funds Managing Authority);
  • Representative of the Planning and Priorities Coordination Division (EU Funds Managing Authority);
  • Representative of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit;
  • Representative of the Malta Security Service;
  • Representative of the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue;
  • Representative of the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights;
  • Representative of the Department of Contracts;
  • Representative of the Asset Recovery Bureau; and
  • Representative of the Permanent Commission Against Corruption.


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