Disclaimer Page

Disclaimer Page

Fraud and corruption can have serious consequences on any society and if left unchecked bring about negative consequences, both economically and socially. What differentiates fraud and corruption from other irregularities is the malicious intent of the perpetrator. At their worst, fraud and corruption negatively affect the moral fibre of society and could lead to political unrest, economic instability, loss of standards of living and increase in organized crime.

Definition of suspected fraud

Suspected fraud means an irregularity giving rise to the initiation of administrative or judicial proceedings at national level in order to establish the presence of intentional behaviour, in particular fraud.

Definition of irregularity

The Internal Audit and Financial Investigations Act (Chapter 461 of the Laws of Malta) defines irregularity as ‘…whichever act or omission which unlawfully diminishes public funds and whatever is not consonant with the proper management thereof.’

Definition of corruption

The United Nations Global Programme against Corruption defines corruption as‘…the abuse of power for private gain.’

Definition of public funds

The Internal Audit and Financial Investigations Act defines public funds as ‘funds that Government receives, pays, including funds to local councils, or is required to manage under Malta’s international obligations, or under any other public funds arising under any other law’.

What to report to IAID?

In terms of Article 16 of the Internal Audit and Financial Investigations Act, if an entity (both natural and legal persons, including any body or association of persons, whether corporate or incorporate) has reason to suspect any irregularity and, or a suspected case of fraud of public funds, it shall refer the matter forthwith to the Director, and shall supply to the Director all information in his/her possession relating thereto.

How to report to IAID?

You can contact us anonymously. It is important to provide as precise and detailed information as possible, including documents, when available, to support your allegation.

IAID will evaluate the information provided to determine:

• whether the matter falls within IAID's remit; and
• whether the information is sufficient and reliable to justify the opening of a case.​

The online reporting system allows anonymous reporting with secured document transmission unless you would opt to enter your personal details.

Alternatively, you may wish to lodge the report by:
 Phone Icon  Telephone no. 21237737 
 Mail Icon  Email: Info.iaid@gov.mt
 Location Logo  In person / by post: Internal Audit and Investigations Department,
         Financial Investigations Directorate,
         Triq Sa Maison,
         Floriana FRN 1613​

         Winter from 7:45am to 5:15pm
         Summer from 7:30am to 1:30pm                                        
         Monday to Friday (excl. public holidays)